Anniston's First Baptist Church at McClellan adopted the slogan of "A New Church With a Long History" in 2006 for a reason.  Every church has it's own personality. AFBCM certainly has her own. We were located downtown Anniston at 15th and Gurnee. Following years of decline and a fire which destroyed the inside of our facilities, the church awakened to a new awareness: the church was either going to close her doors, or the church would have to re-invision her purpose and consider where it could best be located to minister to the community.

Following intense prayer and emotional struggle, the church determined the best decision would be to invest in the future by investing into the redevelopment of McClellan, a former army post. In September, 2004 we began holding services in our newly constructed facilities at 851 Morton Road at McClellan. God has certainly blessed us with growth and new oportunities for ministry. We feel God has affirmed the difficult decision to relocate as what He desired from us.

"A Safe Harbor, Beaming God's Love" 
When you attend church, do you feel you fit in? Sometimes there are circumstances which cause us to feel uncomfortable or even judged. Many  people have dropped out of church for similar reasons. We want you to know of our desire to provide a positive, healthy atmosphere in which to worship. When you attend our church it is our desire for you to feel accepted, forgiven and loved. Come worship with us this Sunday.